Underneath The Radio

by Goldenboy

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Produced Record and Mixed by Shon Sullivan at The Office, Diamond Bar, CA

Recorded "By The Seaside" live at DC 930 Club in Washington DC with additional overdubs by Shon and Bryan

Arranged "Underneath The Radio" with Matt Sharp

Recorded "Underneath The Radio" and "End Of Forever" with Howard Redekopp at The Office, Diamond Bar, CA

Mixed "Underneath The Radio" with Jon Crawford at Wormhole Productions

Mastered by Don C. Tyler at Precision Mastering


released October 3, 2006

Shon Sullivan - vocal, guitar, piano, electric keys, bass, cello

Bryan Bos - drums, percussion, glockenspiel

with help from:

Neil Finn - organ, Lisa Germano - violin, Sebastian Steinberg - bass, Scott McPherson - percussion on "By The Seaside"

Matt Sharp - bass on "End Of Forever", "Underneath the Radio" and mid section of "Ice Breaker Blues".
additional vocal on "Goodbye Erica" and "End Of Forever"

David J. Capenter - bass on "Second Day Of The Year"

Phil Jordan - trumpet on "Second Day Of The Year" and "Perfect One"



all rights reserved


Goldenboy Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Ice Breaker Blues
never been the first in line, maybe this could be the time
it's always come easily, until lately

looking back at times I find, the feelings I've left behind
It's always been easy, until now

don't give up on yourself

drifting on a slow wave, as the bow begins to cave
I could always save the day, as if I could
save the day

still it feels like, it's forever, and forever
until then, my love holds me
to that feeling, that I'm needing
to feel again

never been the first in line
no matter if you win
or lose, its just the
ice breaker blues
Track Name: Summer Of The Evening
In the summer of the evening
we took the van up north
in the summer of the evening
I think we found our course
just outside of Fresno
In the pouring rain

In the summer of the evening
In the summer of the evening
In the morning of the day

In the summer of the evening
I kick start the truck and we're
headed around the corner, and
there's no time to duck, so you
pull your leather jacket
close around your heart

so you pull your leather jacket
In the summer of the evening
In the morning of the day

you're so far away
Track Name: Motorbike
you and i make the right kind of
difference, and everything is just
cathedrals below, the surface of a
rainy afternoon, people meet
people come, people go

motorbike down the afternoon
boulevards, billboards drive up and
down the city street, I feel I'm smart
I feel I'm dumb, I feel I'm everything
in one, and most of all I'm feeling

you and I make the right kind of
difference, and everything is just
cathedrals below, motorbike, down
through the city, motorbike
the city below
Track Name: End Of Forever
It's alright, it's ok
don't worry about it
you know me so well
no way to doubt it
It's alright, it's ok
It's alright, it's ok

I just woke up to say hello
and see you sleeping
I just woke up to the
end of forever

It's alright, it's ok, It's just
the light that's this way
I know that sometimes
you dream about me
when I held you close
I could tell that I was yours
at the party

It's alright, it's ok
know I'm going away
as I was passing by
you know you're showing
something to me that says
I'll be here again
to say hey hey

I jsut woke up to say hello
and see you sleeping
I just woke up to
dream once more, that
you were saying

that you loved me
that you loved me too

I just woke up to the
end of forever
Track Name: I'm Still Down
I'm sorry for
the times you tried
I guess it would be
better had I lied
to get you by my side

leaving an open door
to love once more
Isn't that what your looking for

june firefly the seagulls fly
eye's wandering
as they caught my eye
should I even try

Isn't that the way
the game is played
Isn't that what
you're looking for

I'm still open
I'm still hoping
I'll still be around
but I'm still down
Track Name: Blackbird At Heart
you came
from so far away
your love
was another day
I've always thought
that you'd be missing
something inside
I wasn't giving
till now

hush baby
until lately
my sour is
a blackbird at heart
you sing songs
for my right and wrongs
now love is
a blackbird at heart

your hands
were an open book
fold closed
from the love I took
I know sometime
not far in the future
I'll look to you
but lately I'm
lately I'm blue
Track Name: China Doll
I'll come down
for you
china doll
Track Name: Perfect One
don't worry mama no, everything will work out fine
though my love is away tonight
you know I'm on her mind

don't worry sister no, though you've seen
how much I've missed her, friends say
that it's for the best, to this my heart
I protest, I protest

though you'll never know, and you'll
always be, the perfect one for me

they say that it wont be long, till she sings
another song, friends say that it's for the best
to this my heart must protest
and I protest
Track Name: Second Day Of The Year
it's the second day of the year
without you
I was lost until I found you
now I'm lost once more that way
and it's just
the second day
the afternoon is soft and grey
it's been so long I feel this way
I don't want to stay this way
it's not myself
not like me at all

our love comes and goes
our love grows and grows

birds are circling in the sky
dreaming of a lullaby
feeling this
I felt themost
something like a star
afloat, afloat
Track Name: Goodbye Erica
she took her car keys out
she turned last nights light out
headed west till the exit sign
he didn't know where she's headed
still he might of regretted
oh well when you're out of time

goodbye Erica
sweet america
got the feeling I must be wrong
risk taker, bone breaker
In the heart of a tokyo song
goodbye Erica

I know what she was saying
with The Movies still playing
in the garden the crazy sound
but not as crazy as that crazy sound
that used to come from the courtyard
yeah when the stars used to fall hard
I used to run from the holes in the ground

and she kept on saying
that it's so frustrating
when the more that you give
the more that you just give in
Track Name: By The Seaside
strange as if seems
I see you in
all of my dreams
strange as it seems
the waether is good
feelings are high
my friends and I
by the seaside

strange as it sounds
here on the ground
when you're around
strange as it sounds

to be away
the rest of the day
to be away
the rest of the day

when i see you
when i see you

strange as it seems
I see you in
all of my dreams
strange as it
strange as it seems
Track Name: Underneath The Radio
underneath the radio
hear the song we used to know
59 minutes on the phone
its good to hear your voice
and to have your support
baby, where have you been?

it's no suprise how I'm feeling tonight
the northern lightsare fading away
remember this time, remember this line
so far away from yesterday

driving in the van
the evening of december
the band is half asleep, right now
a vapor jet trail
to the east, the mountains
my thoughts are running forwards
and backwards